More to come on Clinton ...

By the time you get to here, you'll probably feel that everything to be said about John Clinton and his flutes has been said. But no, there's heaps more.  Looking to the future, we hope to bring you:

  • Clinton's 8-keys and variants
  • Clinton as teacher
  • An Anatomy of Equisonants
  • An Equisonant by Simpson
  • Two cylindrical Equisonants
  • A Clinton 1851 by Potter
  • Clinton's works - an annotated bibliography
  • Clinton's music - an appraisal
  • Clinton's 1848 Patent
  • Clinton's music, played on Clinton's flutes.

And we'll be plugging more into the sections you've seen so far, as new material comes to hand.  That will include more images and recorded sound.

Do stay in touch!

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