Clinton's Flute Models


We'll be looking at each of Clinton's flute models in some depth, but it can be handy to have a one-stop at-a-glance guide to the range of models we've so far identified.  Not much detail on this page, but if you want to follow up on a particular instrument, just click on the associated link.

The flute models are set out (as far as we can be sure) in chronological order.

Clinton - Potter 1850

Longbody 8-key with Brille

Clinton's Extended L1 model

Perforated C#

Two Cups L1-L2

Side C-key


Flute for India

8-key, two-piece body

Audience-side axles

8-key, two piece body,
 with Brille & Vent key


Plain L1 & R1


Wooden Cylindrical


Clinton's Boehm flute with Graduated Holes



You'll find the acknowledgements relating to all the flutes above on the relevant pages - just follow the links. (Work in progress, please forgive me if acknowledgments are not yet in place!).



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