Clinton's "Two Cups L1-L2" model


Here we examine one of the models of Clinton's Equisonants that I have tentatively identified as the "Two Cups L1-L2" model.  We'll look at Clinton & Co #533, which is No 710 in the Dayton C Miller collection at the Library of Congress, Washington DC.  Other Clinton Equisonants which appear to belong to the same model can be found in the table at Clinton's Extant Flutes.

This example

Body section of Clinton & Co Equisonant #533, Dayton C Miller Collection No 710.

Characteristic features (images)

The "Two Cups" model has two cups between the ring keys on finger holes L1 and L2.

Unusual features (images)

Keywork (Schematics)


Bore (graph)

Venting (chart)

Playing qualities

Pitch (graph)

Tuning (graph)

Fingering (chart)

Links (similar and different flutes)



Thanks to the Dayton C Miller collection.


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