New CD release from Ossian Publications


Garry Walsh

Flute & Whistles

With:  Clare Fitzpatrick - Fiddle, Johnny Neville - 6 & 12 string Guitars,

Dave Hennessy - Melodeon, Colm Murphy - Bodhrán

About the album

                 It is a collection of some rare and almost forgotten music from Co Cork and Co Louth, learned from Garrys parents over the years, along with a couple of contemporary compositions. Much of the music largely originates from the playing of both his grandfathers, John Walsh of Drogheda and John Joe Fahy of Skibbereen.

John Walsh from Drogheda, taught many kinds of music, but  in particular Irish music on Flute, Fiddle and Piccolo. He would travel around Co Louth and Co Dublin teaching anyone who was interested. He was awarded a gold medal at the Belfast Feis Ceol in 1905. He had a vast repertoire of traditional music. He was a member of the Drogheda Brass and Reed Band, around 1912. And played with the Dominic Maguire band in the late 1930's.

John Joe Fahy, Skibbereen, played the melodeon and featured at Dances and Fairs across West Cork when a young man. He uprooted his family twice during the depression, having to find work. He continued playing and like many an Irish immigrant musician that came to Manchester, unknowingly laid foundation to a now thriving scene. He also had a repertoire of old tunes and composed some lovely tunes himself.

                 As Garrys parents left Ireland they brought with them a wealth of Irish music. My father would either play the accordion or lilt a tune, or my mother would lilt a tune and I would simply copy it. Some of these tunes I learned from a young age appear on the album, but many more tunes from my family are safely stored. In fact my parents still remember tunes from time to time, usually followed by a mad scramble to record them

                These tunes were rarely played in sessions because very few musicians knew any of them. It was talking over the music with Dave Hennessy, Colm Murphy and  many other great  musicians when it became apparent of the value of the tunes.  When the traditional music archive confirmed that they didn’t have them on record, it made the project even more exciting.

                 The album has been recorded with simplicity in mind, using acoustic instruments only. The music is played with a natural, yet modern feel and is refreshingly traditional. Some arrangements are deliberately kept simple, to allow the true sprit of the music to be captured. One or two tracks have no accompaniment at all, enabling the true force of the music to shine through. Some have strong rhythms, thus presenting light and shade between tracks and all have their own identity  and texture. The idea was to produce an album of clarity, removed from technical wizardry. One that attempts to discover each tunes past musical spirit, connecting that to the players soul and bringing out the very essence of this fine music.

The players.

Claire Fitzpatrick, comes from Waterford. She plays fiddle and is a former All Ireland winner. 

Johnny Neville plays guitar and is an accomplished singer / song writer from Cork. The one time member of popular band ‘North Cregg’ is in great demand as an accompanist and has made several albums with North Cregg and guested on countless others.

Dave Hennessy, from Cork, is widely regarded as one of the best player of melodeon, noted for his swing style. Has composed many tunes many recorded by some of Irelands top players. ( Sharon Shannon etc) Former member of ‘Any Old Time’ has recorded with them and on many albums. 

Colm Murphy, from Cork, plays bodhrán with De Dannan  and is acknowledged as one of the best  bodhrán players on the traditional scene. His highly acclaimed CD An Bodhrán was a best seller.

Garry Walsh plays flute and whistles and was brought up in Manchester. Now living home in Cork.  His father is from Drogheda and mother from Cork and learned his music from them. Both his great - grandfathers,  his grandfathers and father played traditional music and much of his music originates from the family reportoire. Has now completed his debut album Uncovered on the Ossian label, which contains  forgotten but not lost music from Counties Louth and Cork. Currently receiving excellent reviews.


 “Theres effortless technique and great life. And so it goes, track after track, and they get better on each listening. Pat Ahern. The Irish Examiner

 “A gem of a CD from the very fine flute playing of Walsh. Uncovered has a gorgeous sense of warmth which permeates right through” Paul Dromey, Evening Echo

 “It is fresh and clear with Walsh’s tremendous flute playing over the album awe inspiring. The music completely speaks for itself. It truly is Walsh uncovered. His first solo outing and no doubt not his last.”

Tara McWeeney, Irish World Newspaper

 Uncovered is an album that salutes a great family musical tradition and unveils some hidden gems in the process and Garry Walshs playing marks him as an important new contender . Investigate

John ORegan, Irish Music Magazine

 “ I received this album from Ossian and haven’t put it down  since” - Hammy Hamilton, Hamilton Flutes

 “It’s Excellent. There are some wonderful tunes on this recording and Walsh has great breath control and phrasing in a smooth flowing style.  Brad Hurley, Guide to the Irish Flute, Montreal

 “ This is an unhurried gathering of tunes tethered by Walsh’s rich musical inheritance, and at the same time is unbridled and free -spirited when the mood calls.  His music breathes free and wide with balletic poise” Siobhan Long, The Irish Times

 “Uncovered is brilliant, great playing  - tunes - wonderful” Mike Harding , Folk On Two, BBC 2

 " An excellent debut album from Garry Walsh, with more to come I'd say" Alex Monaghan, The Living Tradition Magazine

UNCOVERED is available from,, or in the US.
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Created Dec 04