Clinton's Extant Flutes

We gather together a list of all the known extant flutes either by John Clinton or by other makers using one of his systems.  If you have knowledge of other flutes fitting this description, or spot errors in any of the following, please get in touch!

Clinton Flutes by Henry Potter

In Clinton's first foray into flutemaking, he availed himself of the services of well-known London maker, Henry Potter.  Potter didn't normally apply serial numbers, so we can be confident the numbering is Clinton's.


Serial No.


Location & Identification

40 1851 Unknown 
(sold by Tony Bingham)
50 1851 A. Duncan Collection
91 1851 Martin Kordesch Collection

Clinton and Co's Conical Flutes

This list comprises mostly wooden (and ebonite) flutes believed to be made by Clinton and carrying his numbering system.  They are set out in serial number order, clicking on a link in this column takes you to a page showing this particular flute.  Unless otherwise specified, flutes in this list are conical.

It also includes unusual metal conical flutes made by Clinton & Co.  The Flute for India was specifically made to handle the harsh oriental climate.  

The model column below is an attempt to classify the various models into types.  Clicking on the link will take you to a page dedicated to that model of flute.


Serial No.



Location & Identification

113 Equisonant Longbody 8-key with Brille Sold at auction
115 Equisonant

Also engraved: Harry Smith
from his Father

Longbody 8-key with Brille Laurie Thomsett, UK
122 Equisonant Longbody 8-key with Brille DCM 342
148 Equisonant Extended L1 Dan Dixon, flute player, UK
157 Equisonant Longbody 8-key with Brille
Alex Wilding, flute player Sydney, Australia
234 Equisonant Longbody 8-key with Brille Patrick Olwell, Virginia
262 Equisonant Perforated C# A. Duncan Collection
533  Equisonant  Two Cups L1-L2 DCM 710
536 Equisonant Two Cups L1-L2 Peter Spohr Collection
651 Equisonant Two Cups L1-L2 DCM 379
652 ? Piccolo UK collector
653 Equisonant Two Cups L1-L2 Sold Tony Bingham
1597 Equisonant Two Cups L1-L2 Rick Wilson Collection
1684 Equisonant Side C-key RCM 326 FL 28
2001 - 8-key, two-piece body Sale on Ebay
2011 - Flute for India DCM 1160
2012 - Flute for India Helen Valenza Collection
2013 or 2018? Unclear 8-key, two-piece body Saffron Fisk, collector
2017 - Flute for India Rick Wilson Collection
3002 ? Longbody 8-key with Brille? Private Collection, UK
3054 Equisonant ? Southeby's, 
Lot 10, 18 Oct 1979 
3287 Equisonant ? ?
4016 Equisonant Side C-key DCM 528
4803 8-key, two-piece body McGee Flutes 
Research Collection
4913 Equisonant Side C-key Bate 153
4928 Equisonant  Audience-side axles
DCM 685
4940 Equisonant Side C-key A. Duncan Collection
4946 - 8-key, two piece body,
 with Brille & Vent key
Bate 146
4947 Equisonant Side C-key German National Museum, Nuremberg
4955 Equisonant Plain L1 & R1 Hague Collection Glasgow University
4971 Equisonant Plain L1 & R1? Private Collection, UK
4973 Equisonant Piccolo DCM 1196
4984 - 8-key, single piece body,
 with Brille & Vent key
Andra Bohnet, US
4992 Equisonant Side C-key Andrew Kirby Collection, UK
5009 Equisonant Wooden Cylindrical Helen Valenza Collection
5051 (?) Equisonant Wooden Cylindrical Sold on Ebay June 2007
(no foot)
5055 Equisonant Wooden Cylindrical Andrew Kirby Collection, UK
5986 - 8-key, two piece body Marcel Munoz Collection

Conicals without clear identification

Serial No. Marked Model

Location & Identification


Unclear  Equisonant  Side C-key RCM 326 FL 29
Unclear Equisonant  Side C-key Edinburgh 3455
? Equisonant? Wooden Cylindrical? Private Collection, UK
? ? ? Yale
Unknown ?   Muziekinstrumentenmuseum
Unknown ? Longbody 8-key with Brille Muziekinstrumentenmuseum

Clinton's Metal Cylindrical Flutes

The second category comprises metal cylindrical flutes made by Clinton.  They do not appear to carry serial numbers.  

Marked Model Location and Identification

Prize Medal Equisonant  

Audience-side axles RCM 429
Prize Medal Equisonant
1863 Patent 
Audience-side axles
Open G#
DCM 109
Prize Medal Equisonant Audience-side axles
Closed G#
DCM 1284
Equisonant 1863 Patent    Horniman 1972.168 (G)
  Boehm system,
Graduated Holes
A. Duncan Collection

Clinton-Style flutes by Other Makers

This final list comprises those flutes understood to have been made by other makers for their own purposes:



Serial No.

Location & Identification

1851 H. Potter - Private Collection Manchester
1851 (Eb?) H. Potter - Private Collection UK
1851 H. Potter - Sold by William Petit
Clinton's Equisonant   J. Simpson 21 Bate # 152
"A form of Clinton's flute" S.A. Chappell - RCM 326 FL/30
Clinton & Co Equisonant S.A. Chappel 2001 Sam Wells, flute player Suffolk, UK
TBD Rudall & Carte 6548 Fran Cousins, UK


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